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Discreet Executive Transitions (DET) is an exclusive, discreet executive placement service offered by MFG Leaders, Inc., tailored exclusively for Manufacturing Captains - currently employed and running a manufacturing business with full Profit and Loss responsibility. These manufacturing executives can benefit from DET's highly confidential and individualized approach to executive hiring and career transitions. We invite qualified and interested executives to review our detailed FAQ for a comprehensive understanding of our services and how we can assist in your executive career progression.

Key Features and Benefits of DET

  1. Exclusive Partnership:  We begin with a 90-day exclusive partnership agreement with Jim Baran, Founder of MFG Leaders, Inc. This period is dedicated to thoroughly examining potential growth companies and their leadership cultures, ensuring introductions that align with your career aspirations and values.
  2. Confidentiality and Discretion:  As executive recruiting experts, DET understands the importance of confidentiality. We implement stringent measures (including NDA’s) to ensure your job search remains private, allowing you to explore new opportunities without risking your current position.
  3. Personalized Support and Cultural Fit:  DET offers personalized support throughout your transition, focusing on matching you with opportunities that meet your professional skills and align with your values and the cultures of potential employers.
  4. Exclusivity in Candidate Presentation:  Unlike traditional recruitment processes, DET often positions you as the sole candidate for consideration, enhancing your visibility and giving you a competitive edge.
  5. Unbiased Matching Across a Broad Network:  Our service extends beyond the confines of single-client prospects, matching your expertise with the right opportunities across our extensive network.
  6. Comprehensive Post-Placement Support:  DET continues to support you after placement, ensuring a smooth transition into your new role and helping you navigate the early stages of your new position.

These features collectively ensure that DET stands out as the premier choice for executives in the manufacturing industry seeking to strategically advance their careers with a focus on confidentiality, personalized service, and optimal job matching.