• We recruit local, passive talent for your business who are not responding to your job ads
  • Specialist in confidential executive searches 
  • We guarantee you hire a top 5% candidate
  • 30+ years experience recruiting manufacturing executives at $5MM to $100b Companies
  • 100% position fill rate with fast 30-45 day candidate delivery
  • Our tough vetting skills produce a 1-1.5 introduction to interview ratio
  • 92% repeat business for last two years

We Know LEAN

LEAN means living within a continuous process of improvement, one that strives towards perfection based on customer needs.

In a production environment, manufacturers use the customer’s goal as a reference point and then set the paring knife to use: Find the value-stream, ensure that it runs smoothly, and remove wasteful processes between the product’s inception and its delivery.

As a three-person team, all of whom are students of LEAN, we don’t operate any differently when finding the right candidate.

"We approach every search as a team, utilizing all of our capabilities, optimizing delivery and reducing time to hire."


Recruiting for the Future – Industry 4.0

People, Processes, and Technology will lead recruiters into the next phase of manufacturing advancements. The prevalence of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is rising. Machine-to-machine communication allows for the familiar elements within factory walls to be connected in a system that can visualize the entire production process and then initiate changes made from its own learning.

But it still takes talented individuals to analyze, implement, and manage these new technologies. Recruiting the right leaders harbors tremendous value for companies looking to step into the vanguard of manufacturing.