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Our Recruitment Performance Over the Last 5 Years = Unrivaled Results

Our Recruitment Performance Over the Last 5 Years = Unrivaled Results


MFG Leaders is a retained executive search firm that specializes in manufacturing and operations talent, from mid-managers to Vice Presidents. We help with critical needs in engineering, operations, lean leadership, accounting, aftermarket, sales, supply chain and human resources talent. We also have a wealth of knowledge selecting successful candidates for Private Equity’s specialized needs. We guarantee that your search will be filled and provide a warranty.

Considering a career change but worried about your current employer finding out, or the risks of posting your resume online? MFG Leaders understands the unique challenges faced by top-level executives contemplating new opportunities. To address this, we offer Discreet Executive Transitions (DET). DET is a confidential, individualized executive placement service catering exclusively to Manufacturing Captains – manufacturing executives currently employed and running a manufacturing business with full Profit and Loss responsibility. DET facilitates discreet executive hiring and career transitions, allowing these highly valued leaders to explore their next steps while prioritizing professional discretion. Optional career coaching services are also available.