Our founders both worked at manufacturing plants. After looking further, we found out that not only do we have deep manufacturing roots, but our competitors don’t have manufacturing roots at all.

We love manufacturing. We love walking plants, talking to operators, and listening to lean manufacturing leaders tell us about how they improve factories every day. There is nothing like the feel of walking into a factory, seeing fresh paint on the walls, bright lights, new display boards, and work instructions at every station. Seeing products move down a line, operators touching the product, fork trucks moving product around the plant – it’s how you know that America still has a bright future in manufacturing. We want to be a part of improving it.

Without this background in manufacturing, MFG Leaders would not have sustained a 23-year presence in the manufacturing retained executive recruiting space. Many of our competitors work in manufacturing but have not actually collected a paycheck from a manufacturing business.

MFG Leaders doesn’t work for healthcare businesses, or accounting firms. Jim and Kristi don’t have experience working for them. We leave those jobs to recruiters who are better suited to them.