Industrial Manufacturing Leaders connect top 5% talent to your business and quickly find transformative leaders to build trust, bring high expectations to the workforce, and lead change. 

Why Our Process Works

  • We directly seek currently-employed candidates from our robust network of manufacturing leaders built over 30 years. 
  • We excel in confidential replacement. 
  • Companies depend on our tough vetting and reference-checking skills.
  • We quickly and accurately deliver candidates that you won't see from other firms.
  • You have No Risk – we work the search until the hire shows up for work and we follow your new hire's progress for 12 months.

Our process is driven by a "research and recruit" approach.  This enables us to match the best candidates to their roles and ensures they are committed to their positions.  It's how we consistently recruit the top 5% of manufacturing talent and it's why we offer a guarantee on the talent we recruit!

We Recruit for any Level Position - Specific to Your Job Specifications

Industrial Manufacturing Leaders can be utilized for any level position according to your specific job specs. An extensive vetting summary is provided, and our fee is broken up into three installments, invoiced at flexible milestones. Our process typically produces a candidate in 30 to 45 days. 

Predictive Index (PI) - How and Why it Works

Predictive Index measures a person’s drives, motivating needs, and strengths to ensure the right person is in the right role. Managers complete a behavioral analysis of the position, which then allows them to objectively compare each candidate to the position and understand the fits and gaps. Interview questions can then be targeted to identify the best candidate for the role.