It’s the people that make a company successful. Do you know where your competitors are hiring from?  We know, so should you!

Talent Due-Diligence Service

This is a customizable project, delivered in 14 days that will benefit your company in three ways:

1. Analyze your competitors functional strengths  

  • How are your competitor's supply chains are organized, run and manned?
  • Who are the high potentials and what keeps them engaged?
  • When designing processes and procedures, where did they hire talent from?

2. deliver intelligence on 86% of the passive talent in your market 

These people are not responding to your job ads. 
  • In which local markets do you compete for talent?
  • Where are your competitors hiring from?
  • What recruitment practices are being used most successfullly for your industry in your market?
  • What is your brand reputation in your market? 

3. strengthen your teams' hiring acumen in the local market 

  • Learn how to identify and reach your market's passive talent
  • Learn how to market and sell to your passive talent

With Industrial Manufacturing Leaders you can be certain that you will be adding a talented, qualified, and professional individual to your team through our superior recruitment process. Contact Us Today!