The need for masks and other protective equipment for health care providers, firefighters, and police officers in the U.S. is already overwhelming, but manufacturers around the country are stepping in to help out.

Komo News reports that when Jeff Kaas, owner of Kaas Tailored, a manufacturing facility in Mukilteo, WA, that focuses on upholstery solutions and design services, heard about the urgent need for protective equipment, he immediately began working with area hospital Providence St. Joseph on a blueprint for masks and face shields.

After the blueprint was approved, Kaas Tailored made over 5,600 masks and nearly 1,000 face shields in just two days, and digital instructions on assembly for the masks and shields was sent to manufacturers in nearly 25 other states so they can begin helping hospitals in their areas.

Kaas doesn’t even know if his company will survive the economic fallout from the pandemic, but he’s determined that they’re going to make a difference. “If this is our time, we’re going to rise and run,” he says.

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